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Erin's Crossings

Our History

On Saturday June 9th, 2012 13 year old, Erin Suszynski and two friends were walking home from the playground. Erin and one friend were struck by a car while crossing Maple Road. Both were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Erin's friend recovered from her injuries and is doing well. Unfortunately, Erin lost her fight on June 20th, 2012 after 11 days of being in a coma at Women and Children's Hospital.
Erin was able to light up a room with her glowing smile. She was able to make just about every person she came across laugh by the crazy things she did. She lived her short life carefree. She had a huge heart. Erin was kind to everyone she met. She was the kid who stuck up for other kids when they were being picked on even if it meant that she would get picked on in turn. A few kids even told us stories about how Erin helped them personally. Erin continued to give right up until the end. She gave the gift of life. Erin was an organ donor.
Erin's favorite thing to do was dance. She started dancing at the age of three at Dancentral. She took dance classes for ten years. Her accident happened the day before her tenth dance recital. Dancing was a major part of her life.


Our Mission

Our plan is for Erin's legacy to live on by giving back. Our goal is to pursue legislation for mandatory crosswalks at all playgrounds giving pedestrians the right of way, and allowing for safe passage. There is currently no crosswalk in place where the girls were hit. We are in the process of teaming up with the Lightgaurd crosswalk company. For more information about Lightgaurd click on the link. http://www.crosswalks.com/ . We want to raise money to get as many of these crosswalk systems in place as possible where they are needed the most, starting with the location of the accident. Please help us in preventing more accidents like Erin’s.


With great thanks,


Erin’s Crossings and The Suszynski Family


If you would like to donate to our cause, checks can be made out to:


Erin's Crossings


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